Where’s My Park Day


missing parks

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Where’s My Park Day?!? yesterday.  We worked with the Open Space Committee of Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG), GWAPP,  Barge Park Pals, The Friends of Transmitter Park, and Park Moms to let the City know that they can’t leave their promises to us unfulfilled, as the realities of the rezoning come to fruition and new towers arrive, bringing new neighbors,  but our new parks are still missing.

The ghostly parkless children arrived first, chanting about the missing Bushwick Inlet Park as the crowd gathered.   Traffic slowed to see what was happening and passerby joined the crowd.  We got moving as The Rude Mechanical Orchestra took the lead and the a chant of “Where’s My Park” echoed down Franklin Street toward Greenpoint Avenue.  We stopped at the next missing park- WNYC Transmitter Park before moving on to the missing park at 65 Commercial Street and ending at Newton Barge Park where we learned about its missing expansion.

The public attention drawn by our efforts got the City’s attention.  As a result the City has made several new commitments intended to speed up the promise of waterfront access as a result of the 2005 rezoning.  More details can be found on NAG’s blog.

photo credit:Rachelle Rae House


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