Park Status


Above is a conceptual image of the Future Bushwick Inlet Park and the East River State Park on the South end from a presentation to Community Board 1 in April of 2008

Bushwick Inlet Park will stretch along 28 acres of the waterfront from N. 9th to Quay St. The conceptual plan for Bushwick Inlet Park includes various kinds of recreation including soccer and softball fields , volleyball courts, a large lawn , beach area, wetland areas, boat house and launch, community meeting space, vistors’ center, bike and pedestrian paths, dogrun, Monitor Museum and more.

The parcels of land that make up Bushwick Inlet park are currently owned by various entities and several acres still need to be acquired by the City of New York Parks and Recreation Department. Two parcels have been acquired by the Parks Department.

Bushwick Inlet Park Site Ownership

This image is from a presentation made to Community Board 1. It shows the various parcels that make up Bushwick Inlet Park and their ownership as of April 2008. The parcels labeled "Levine" and "DSNY" are now owned by the NYC Parks Department.

The parcel located between N.9th to N.10th Street and adjacent to East River State Park is construction Phase I of the park scheduled for 2009. Construction on this parcel will happen in two phases with work on a soccer field starting first (Phase I) followed by a building(Phase II) which will border Kent Avenue and contain Parks dept offices, community space and sloping green roof. More details on construction of Phase 1 can be found on the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn’s website. The NYC Parks Department broke ground on the soccer field portion of Phase I in mid-June of 2009.  Projected completion is for the winter of 2010 and for Phase II the winter of 2011.

The Parks department acquired a second parcel of the park at 50 Kent Street between 11th and 12th Streets from the Department of Sanitation. The structures on this site were demolished earlier in 2009 and the site is currently undergoing environmental testing.

Other parcels require that the city relocate the existing businesses operating on them, and the parcel between N.12th-N.13th Street is awaiting a final resolution to the legal fight the Community has made against Trans Gas Energy’s plans to build a power plant.


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